17 October 2018






PwC appointed administrator of JM Kelly Group 



Dear All


Notice is hereby given that Derrick Vickers and Michael Owen of PwC Australia have today been appointed Voluntary Administrators of JM Kelly Group entities JM Kelly Builders Pty Ltd and Kawana Joinery Co. Pty Ltd. They have also been appointed liquidators of an additional eight entities in the Group*.


Please direct all queries to the relevant contacts below.


JM Kelly Group Employees 

07 3257 5678


JM Kelly Group Creditors

07 3257 5679

We will endeavour to answer your query within 48 hours.


*JM Kelly Group encompasses the following entities:

BPM Cowlrick Pty Ltd

Burns and Twigg Pty Ltd

Cajun Pty Ltd

Central Electrics (Contracting) Pty Ltd

Central Queensland Investments Pty Ltd

C.Q Construction Management Pty Ltd

Fitzroy Industries Pty Ltd

JM Kelly Builders Pty Ltd

JM Kelly Management Pty Ltd

Kawana Joinery Co. Pty Ltd